Aquariums in the UK

One of the best ways to learn English is to immerse yourself in the vocabulary that you are learning; there is no better way to do this by visiting a tourist attraction and soaking up the visual stimulation alongside the new words. One of the best places to visit for this is one of the beautiful aquariums that are dotted around the country.

In these aquariums and sea life centres you can view a huge array of beautiful fish from the tropical rivers of South America, the deep Atlantic Ocean and, closer to home, the seas and rivers around the British Isles. One of the most famous of these centres is the National Sea Life Centre located in Birmingham. In Scotland the Loch Lomond Sealife Centre does not promise a view of Nessie but there are plenty of other monsters of the deep including the Giant Pacific Octopus. On this page we have arranged some of the best aquariums to be found across the country, enjoy.
Anglesey Sea Zoo
Anglesey, an island just off the coast of Wales, is a perfect location for a sea zoo. The Anglesey Sea Zoo provides a wonderful snapshot of the natural habitat and sea life that surround the British Isles. The collection includes sharks, seahorses, and lobsters. There is aslo an outdoor adventure playground with loads of great play equipment.
Blue Planet Aquarium
The Blue Planet Aquarium is a family friendly aqua centre in Cheshire with a huge range of daily activities and annual events for babies, children, school parties, and families. For example today, the 23rd of February 2017, they have a Nursery Talk, an Aquatheatre Show, and an otter presentation and feed session. Special events this year include Ocean Terrors and Halloween in November, Explorers Easter Myths and Legends of the Deep in April, and Sharks of the Caribbean Summer celebration between July and September.

London Sea Life Centre
Sea Life is a chain of Aquarium centres across the UK, US and Europe where visitors can see marine life up close and get a taste of life underwater. At present there are 12 Sea Life Centres in the UK at locations including: London, Scarborough, Hunstanton, Birmingham, Gweek (Cornwall), Birmingham, Oban (Scotland), LOch Lomond (Scotland) Blackpool, Brighton, Great Yarmouth, Manchester, Weymouth. The London Aquarium, like all the others, is divided into a series of zones, including a penguin centre, an otter cactuary and others. The London Sealife Centre is on Westminster Bridge Road in Lambeth.
Loch Lomond Aquarium
Like the other Sealife Centres across the country this aquarium is set out in a series of zones that are divided by creature type or geographical habitat, including: Lochs of Scotland, Bay of Rays Sea horses, Giant green sea turtle, Otters, Deep loch, Tropical ocean tunnel. One of the highlights of the Loch Lomond sealife centre are the sting rays which are located in the Bay of Rays zone. The Loch Lomond sealife centre also runs conservation program with breeding programs for sting rays, sharks and other marine life.

National Sealife Centre Birmingham
The Sealife Centre in Birmingham is set out in a series of stages each with a theme based on fish and marine mammals from different parts of the world. The first is a pair of pools with a raft of penguins. You will get to enjoy watching these magnificent creatures dive into the water and swim and also marvel at their athleticism as they hurl themselves out of the water onto dry ground. Adrwe rgis is a series of huge tanks one of the highlights being the wonderful clownfish. The lion fish are also a brautiful and fascinating highlight.

A lion fish at the Birmingham Sea Life Cebtre

Next are some more pools but this time housing sharks and huge fish. After this comes the Otters in their big cages and the frogs and other amphibians in their tanks. Last of all, and my personal favourite, is the jellyfish in their bright circular tanks, made even more beautiful by the subtle lighting. All of the animals and fish in this aquarium come with introductions and a guide to their status on the endangered species list. A trip to the National Sealife Centre in Birmingham will do much to enhance your vocabulary and your awareness of the need to protect the oceans, seas and river of our world.
Oceanarium, Bournemouth
With deep The Oceanarium offers many of the attractions that can be found in rival Sea life aquariums across the UK, including an underwater tunnel where you can look up and to the sides at sharks, turtles and other fascinating marine life. It also has a crocodile reserve with two residents.