IELTS Bristol

Bristol is a cosmopolitan city in the South-west of England. It is well known for its street art – brought to an international audience by Banksy,  the stunning Clifton Suspension Bridge, and a vibrant music and art scene visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Bristol is also visited by thousands of students each year who wish to attend Bristol University which boasts a rich architectural heritage and a reputation for cutting edge technology and research. There are many colleges both private state-funded which feed Bristol University with international students by preparing them for the academic rigours of university life in the UK by guiding them through the IELTS exam.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Colleges that provide IELTS preparations courses range from private chain language institutions eg. International House, to state colleges like City of Bristol College. There are a huge number of options available with each college having its own focus, program of work and methods of training students for the IELTS exam. On this page we will give a breakdown of the options for studying IELTS in Bristol, including: a description of each college, contact details, a summary of fees.

Bristol Language Centre (BCL)

Bristol Language Centre is a British Council accredited school housed in a modern building a few minutes walk from Bristoo Temple Meads – Bristol’s main transport hub. At most times of the year it has around a hundred student registered and attending part time or full time classes in IELTS, general English or a host of other courses. The college actually has quite a few Spanish students studing academic IELTS so they can further their studies in the UK, and also many who studt General IELTS so they can further their prospects in a field of employment that demands a minimum IELTS score. Bristol Language College met almost all of the criteria for the British Council inspectors during their last inspection.

The facade of the Bristol Language Centre

Number of Hours per week – 22.5
Fees – A week of study at BCL will cost you between £235 and £265 per week for a total of 22.5 hours teacher contact time spread out over 30 45 minute periods.

  • 1-7 weeks of study will cost £265 per week
  • 8-12 weeks of study £255
  • 13-23 weeks £245
  • 24 weeks £235

Fees per hour – £12.00
Contact Number – 0117 929 2233
Email –
Postal Address – 3 Portwall Lane, Redcliffe, Bristol, BS1 6NB

City of Bristol College

City of Bristol College is a state sector college with three campuses across the city. IELTS classes take place part time in the College Green Centre and are open to visiting students and students who have already settled in the UK. Places are limited on this course as only one class is available and students who wish to join must already have an English language level of Upper Intermediate or above. This IELTS preparation course is good for students who have been given a conditional offer for an undergraduate or masters course of study at a UK university and are looking to sit the IELTS exam to confirm their place.

The College Green Campus – where IELTS classes are taught

Number of Hours per week – 2.5
Duration – 16 weeks
Fees – The total fee to take this course is £380
Fees Per hour – £9.50
Phone Number – 0117 312 5000
Email –
Postal Address – College Green Centre, St. George’s Road, Bristol, BS1 5UA

English Language Centre

The English Language Centre Bristol is a small, independent, family run school in Clifton. It’s proximity to Bristol University help add to the academic setting of this college, based as it is in one of the beautiful Georgian houses that make up Pembroke Street. The small classes allow the teachers to organise a program of study that fits perfectly around the needs of all the students. The college also provide a host of after school activites such as job club, film club (with an invited speaker), and conversation clubs. Students can join the general english class combining it with IELTS training. Teachers at this college all have a lot of experience and are guided by an excellent management structure that ensures the smooth running of the college. This is probably the best language school in Bristol.

Some of the students outside the college.

Number of hours per week – 21
Duration – students can join classes throughout the year
Fees – £240 per week
Fees per hour – £11.42
Phone Number – 0117 970 7050
Email –
Postal Address – 44 Pembroke Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 3DT

Hunter Language School

Teachers at the Hunter Language School can help you study for your IELTS exam as part of a General English Course. Courses at the Hunter School are relatively inexpensive and are definetely led by fun and entertaining teachers.

Number of hours per week – 4
Duration – 12 weeks (48 hours in total)
Fees – £288 in total
Fees per hour – £6
Phone Number – 0117 279 9370
Email –
Postal Address – 97-107 Wilder Street, Bristol, BS2 9QU

International House

International House (iH) are a chain of schools with branches right across the British Isles and also in Europe. You can study IELTS and sit your IELTS exam at the Internatonal House Branch in Bristol thanks to an understanding they have with the International House registered IELTS test centre in London. If you would like to take your IELTS exam at the Bristol International House then phone: 0117 980 9095.
IELTS courses at International House are very well organised and will break down the sections of the exam into different classes on your weekly timetable.

Number of hours per week – 20
Duration – Your choice
Fees – £280 per week
Fees per hour – £14
Phone Number – 0117 906 7660
Email –
Postal Address – 27 Oakfield Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 2AT

Living Learning English

Living Learning English specialise in one to one tuition sessions for students looking to take an exam, improve practical English application for visiting businessmen, and also general classes for students to brush up on their English. THey offer IELTS classes on a one to one basis or alternatively an arrangement where you and another student will share one teacher. Classes are for 15 hours a week.

Number of hours per week – 15
Duration – As long as you need
Fees – £995 per week for 1-1 / £795 per week for 2-1
Fees per hour – £66 for 1-1 / £53 for 2-1
Phone Number – 0117 926 9400
Email –
Postal Address – 27 Portland Square, Bristol, BS2 8SA


The building that houses the OISE Language School definetely wins the prize for best piece of architecture out of all the colleges on this page. The intersting stone building it is set into belies the modern interior that has been developed into a series of beautiful and functional classrooms – perfect for the professional to learn English

FeesGet a Quote
Telephone Number – 0117 929 7667
Address – Protheroes House 1, Denmark Street, Avon, Bristol, BS1 5EJ

Teg English School

The IELTS course at TEG English is 15 hours a week and includes a strong emphasis on General English as well as the study of academic modules so you will have both the ability to express yourself in spoken and written English, as well as being able to understand the basics of the listening and reading components.

Students at TEG English combining a fire drill with a photo opportunity

Number of hours per week – 15
Duration – As long as you need
Fees – £150 per week
Fees per hour – £10
Phone Number – 0117 924 5759
Email –
Postal Address – TEG Bristol, 2 Portland Place, Pritchard Street, Bristol, BS2 8RH